Wealth taxation, based in Paris

Lobe Law stands out for its in-depth expertise in wealth taxation, offering bespoke support and advice to meet the specific needs of its clients. The firm specialises in several key areas, including business transfers, estate planning, tax deductions for art purchases, taxation of cryptocurrencies, sportsmen's pensions and life insurance transfers.

Asset transfer

When it comes to business transfers, Lobe Law works closely with its clients to develop effective tax strategies that allow for a smooth transition while minimising the tax consequences. Its approach considers the specifics of each business and the long-term objectives of its owners.

In the area of estate planning, Lobe Law helps clients develop comprehensive plans for managing and passing on their wealth. The firm considers individual needs, family considerations and tax implications to create tailor-made solutions that ensure the protection and preservation of family wealth.

For those interested in purchasing works of art, Lobe Law offers expert advice on the tax advantages available, including tax deductions for purchases of works of art for investment or philanthropic purposes. Its expertise enables it to help clients navigate the complexities of art taxation while maximizing tax benefits.

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The firm also understands the challenges posed by the emergence of cryptocurrencies and offers in-depth expertise in the taxation of cryptocurrency-related transactions. Whether it's the reporting of cryptocurrency gains, commercial transactions involving cryptocurrencies or other related tax issues, the team at Lobe Law is on hand to provide accurate and relevant advice.

Securing athletes' retirement

In the specific area of sports retirement, Lobe Law offers specialist assistance in navigating the complex tax implications associated with retirement income, investments and other unique financial aspects faced by professional sportspeople as they transition into retirement.

What are the tax implications of transferring life insurance?

Finally, with respect to the transfer of life insurance, Lobe Law helps clients understand the tax consequences of transferring their life insurance policies and implement strategies to minimize tax liabilities while ensuring the financial protection of their beneficiaries. As a law firm, Lobe Law is committed to providing innovative and effective tax solutions in the complex area of wealth taxation. With its personalised approach and in-depth expertise, the firm is there to support its clients at every stage of their financial journey.

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