In the absence of a specific agreement, Lobe Law's fees are determined on a time-spent basis. This invoicing method is thus applicable, for example, to an isolated appointment that does not lead to a subsequent assignment (either because the appointment has made it possible to respond immediately to the client's matters, or because the client does not wish to engage in the subsequent services proposed by the firm). To ensure total visibility and transparency, more complex assignments are subject to a specific agreement identifying the content of Lobe Law's services and its fees, which can be set according to two methods depending on the nature of the case:

Fixed fees (retainer model)

Lobe Law may propose a fixed fee to the client (or a range to be adjusted at the end of the assignment) corresponding to an anticipation of the number of hours that will have to be devoted to the case, considering the due diligence required and/or the practical issues and complexity of the case. These fees do not include disbursements, costs or the remuneration of other intermediaries (such as formalists, bailiffs, lawyers, etc.).

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Contingency fees

In certain cases, Lobe Law may propose to its clients that, in addition to a minimum fixed fee, they agree to receive a fee calculated as a percentage of the result obtained, but only in the event of success. In such cases, a fee agreement is drawn up indicating the amount of the fixed fee and the method used to determine the success fee (percentage of tax relief obtained or tax savings achieved).

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