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MLobe Franck Avocat à PUTEAUX

Lobe Law, a Paris-based law firm, represents and assists clients in all aspects of French tax law, as well as sports law. Attentive to the needs of expatriates, impatriates and professionals whose duties often require them to change their place of residence, Lobe Law can adapt to their needs and to everything that makes their situation unique, in order to provide them with precise and effective assistance. The ordinary is not commonplace in the cases handled by Lobe Law!

Indeed, Lobe Law works on behalf of individuals and companies with unique profiles and needs. For example, Lobe Law can advise foreign companies on how to set up successfully in the French market from a French tax standpoint. Individuals can also turn to Lobe Law for a range of personal tax matters, including succession planning, retirement planning and more.

Lobe Law's objective is simple: to help its clients plan, anticipate and meet their obligations to the tax authorities in the most cost-effective way. By way of illustration, Lobe Law assists its clients in choosing the most appropriate tax regime for real estate tax law, considering their needs and their business.

Finally, Lobe Law acts as a sports representative in Paris for clients wishing to launch or continue their sporting careers in France. It assists its clients with their sports law affairs, and in particular their interactions with clubs, judicial bodies, and other stakeholders in the sports industry.

MLobe Franck Avocat à PUTEAUX

You have questions about your tax situation as an international professional athlete? About tax residency in France? ? Your law firm is available for you!

Tailor-made support for all clients' tax affairs

As a professional in corporate and personal tax law, Lobe Law welcomes and listens to its clients' needs in this area, before guiding them towards the most appropriate solutions. Whether it is a question of choosing the right legal form for a company and the tax regime that will apply to it, or resolving a dispute with the French tax authorities, Lobe Law is there for you every step of the way.

Lobe Law is also on hand to advise private individuals seeking the best solutions for safeguarding their assets and securing their transfer having regard to tax rules. Whether it is setting up a property management company, investing in assets or making donations… Lobe Law's tax law department guide its clients towards the tools best suited to their needs.

After all, tax optimization for both individuals and companies remains a means of legally reducing taxation. Lobe Law handles this method in such a way that it is not questioned by the tax authorities as being aggressive.

International tax matters covered by Lobe Law lawyers

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of its lawyers, Lobe Law is a resource for its clients' international tax needs, for both companies and individuals.

Lobe Law has developed expertise in dealing with the taxation in France of clients from families with a presence in several countries, owning real estate or shares in companies abroad. Lobe Law can advise clients on their tax status, duties and obligations.

MLobe Franck Avocat à PUTEAUX

Sports law experts attentive to professional athletes’ needs.

When settling in France while retaining assets abroad, or in the case of international succession, it becomes relevant to consult a tax lawyer. Lobe Law advises its clients in this respect, to secure these events from a tax point of view.

Lobe Law's other area of expertise is sports law, and not just in terms of taxation. As well as assisting its clients with their tax initiatives and procedures, Lobe Law also supports its clients in other aspects of sports law. To this end, Lobe Law also lends its services as a sports representative in Paris, to be at its clients' side at all times.

Lobe Law can represent its clients in dealings with clubs, recruiters and other stakeholders of the sport industry, providing them with legal assistance in negotiating sponsorship contracts and employment agreements. To this end, Lobe Law makes itself available to its clients, attentive to their backgrounds, requests and needs, to represent their interests in the most appropriate way.

The skills of Lobe Law and its Paris-based tax and sports lawyers are also put to good use, as they adapt the legal solutions proposed to the client's situation, particularly regarding tax residency in France.

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On 17 July 2024
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