Tax lawyers Based in Paris

The taxation of companies and their shareholders is a key driver to their success. In an era of regulatory instability, a sustainable tax strategy is a critical tool for growth, security and optimization.

Lobe Law provides both advisory and litigation services in the field of corporate and personal taxation.

We have first-rate expertise advising shareholders and executives, particularly in situations of international mobility, on remuneration, profit-sharing, management packages and transfers.

Wealth taxation

  • Transfer of companies and/or private assets (Dutreil Pact, dismemberment of property, etc.)
  • Estate planning (gifts, inheritance, succession...)
  • Retirement
  • Management packages
  • Management of tax and social security matters for athletes and artists
  • Taxation of works of art, collections
  • Taxation of cryptocurrencies
  • Regularization of declarations of bank accounts held abroad
  • Tax audits
  • Reporting obligations (income tax, real estate wealth tax, exit tax, etc.)
Droit fiscalité

Company taxation

  • Taxation of groups of companies (parent-subsidiary regime, tax consolidation, etc.)
  • Taxation of sales and acquisitions
  • Taxation of restructuring operations (mergers, demergers, partial contributions of assets)
  • Real estate taxation
  • Payroll taxes and contributions
  • Taxation of associations
  • Banking taxation
  • VAT and other indirect taxes
  • Tax audits

Tax audits and litigation

  • Assistance at all stages of proceedings before Commissions and Committees, the Administrative Tribunal and the Administrative Court of Appeal
  • Tax negotiations and transactions to resolve disputes with tax authorities
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Fiscalité internationale

International taxation

  • International corporate taxation
  • Foreign group operations in France
  • International individual taxation
  • Tax residency matters
  • Restructuring (companies, assets)
  • Exit tax
  • Reporting obligations

International mobility

  • Impatriation regime
  • Expatriation allowances
  • Tax and social security policy for intra-group mobility
  • Remuneration for employees in situation of mobility
  • Tax and social security impact of homeworking for employees and corporate officers in situation of mobility
  • Payroll management of employees and corporate officers in situation of mobility
  • Reporting obligations

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