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On 29 April 2024
The taxation of digital assets is a complex subject. Lobe Law, a Paris-based tax and sports law firm, discusses the main issues raised by its clients.
On 11 March 2024
Sole traders (BIC, BNC, BA) can opt for corporation tax in the first three months of each financial year. Lobe Law, law firm specialising in tax and sports law based in Paris, can help you decide.
On 26 February 2024
The tax authorities have allowed furnished tourist accommodation owners to neutralise the consequences of the tougher application of the micro-BIC scheme
On 11 January 2024
Le Monde du Droit announces the creation of Lobe Law and describes its essence in an article published here in Le Monde du Droit on 5 January 2024.
On 11 December 2023
A ruling handed down by the ECtHR on 7 December 2023 appears to give taxpayers the opportunity to challenge the surcharge applied to their professional income for non-membership of an approved ...