International mobility, based in Paris

The team at Lobe Law offers a wide range of specialist legal services for internationally mobile individuals and companies employing impatriate or expatriate individuals. One of their areas of expertise is tax assistance for impatriates, including tax returns and personalised tax planning for those moving to or from France.

Expatriation and Impatriation

Thanks to their in-depth experience, Lobe Law also guides its clients through the intricacies of impatriation bonuses, ensuring that these financial incentives are managed efficiently and in compliance with current legislation. In addition, the firm provides in-depth expertise in the complex issues associated with social security contributions (compulsory scheme and Caisse des Français de l'Étranger “CFE”), helping individuals and companies to navigate the regulations with confidence.

Droit fiscalité
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Fiscalité internationale

Ensuring employee mobility

In addition, Lobe Law plays a crucial role in intra-group mobility, offering strategic advice to optimise the mobility of employees and corporate officers across borders. Its proactive approach and understanding of the unique challenges faced by multinational companies make Lobe Law a partner of choice for those seeking to optimise their taxation in the context of international mobility.

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