Sports lawyers, based in Paris

You have just been noticed by a handball, cycling or horse-riding club for your talents, and are about to embark on a career as a professional athlete? You have been invited to play on the soccer or swimming team of a major French club, and want to make sure you comply with the French tax requirements?

Lobe Law, specialized in sports taxation in Paris, has answered these questions on behalf of its clients. After meeting with its clients to analyze their current situation and needs, Lobe Law guides them towards solutions tailored to this very specific profession. Well-versed in the remuneration and taxation of sports professionals in France, Lobe Law supports its clients throughout their careers.

Sports law governs the rights and obligations of professional sports stakeholders, such as athletes and sports companies, federations, as well as sports associations. Lobe Law advises and represents the interests of its clients in all their legal matters.

  • Negotiating and concluding sports contracts
  • Support for agents, athletes and clubs
  • Transfers, tax and social security aspects of contracts
Cabinet d'avocat droit du sport
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